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"Discover How The Write Your Book Now Masterclass Can Transform You Into A Bestselling Author, Publisher, & Book Marketer With This Easy To Follow 26-Week Training Program To Get Your Book Written, Published, & Sold By The Thousand"

How many years have you spent telling friends and family that you're going to write a book, get it published, and go on to be a bestselling author?

And as you're reading this now,I guess your dream still hasn't come true...well not yet anyway. If that's the case then fear not! No matter whether writing is brand new to you, or you've already written a number of books, this course will teach you how to finally make it as a published author.

Imagine for a moment that you're on your deathbed (not a nice thought, I know, but bear with me here). Now imagine your son, daughter, brother, sister, or best friend stepping back and asking, "(Name), did you achieve everything you wanted in your life?"

Based on your current reality, how would you answer that question? Have you fulfilled all your dreams in life...including that very BIG dream which involves writing your book and getting it published?

If you have an amazing idea for a book, or if you fancy the idea of adding the title of 'author' to your biography, then deciding NOT to get that written and published is utterly soul destroying.

Check out this short video, in which I explain how this course can help you… 

In The Write Your Book Now Masterclass you'll learn how to create your very own book business from scratch! I will start right from the beginning, teaching you everything you need to know. It can take years to learn how to write a book, land a publishing deal, and ensure your book sells. But in this course I run you through all the secrets I use with my own book business…and it’ll only take you 26 weeks!

Your brain will be filled with juicy segments of information leaving you streets ahead of other writers...!

It’s fair to say that when you start writing a book you soon reach information overload as everybody tells you different ways of doing it.

But I am offering you my own unique writing, publishing and book marketing plan, which has proven to be successful time and time again. I will take you step by step through everything I do within my own book publishing business, from writing a book, right through to counting the cash at the end of yet another lucrative launch.

Personal writing coaching from someone experienced like myself costs a fortune, often rolling into four figures. What I am offering you, for a very low fee, is expert training on how to write your book and go on to sell thousands of copies!

Introducing...The Write Your Book Now Masterclass!

From the desk of: Keidi Keating (Your Book Angel)

Dear Future Writer...

The Write Your Book Now Masterclass is an online writing course which offers a fantastic entry into the world of writing; one that many people often only dream about. It took me approximately four years to get my first book written and published. Now I have a complete writing and publishing business which makes me money everyday.

This was four years of serious hard graft, working for ridiculously long hours and losing stacks of hard earned cash along the way. You know how it goes – you’re told you must do it one way, and then you realize you wasted good money on something that didn't quite cut it!

But as time went on I learned lots of valuable lessons, and I kept notes to remember all the most important parts.

And that’s exactly what I am offering you now - my golden experience so that you don't have to endure the failures. This will allow you to write your book quickly, land a publishing deal or self-publish, gain the interest of the relevant media, and most importantly of all - earn heaps of money from your book (or books) on an ongoing basis!

I decided to put this course together because my inbox is flooded everyday with emails from amateur writers who are struggling to start writing their books. They have tried for some time yet they still haven't made it to the prestigious status of ‘published author.’ Even though I would love to, I can't personally mentor and coach all these wannabe authors for free, so by offering this course at such a low price, I feel am providing a great solution.

Many people love the idea of writing a book and becoming a published author, but they don’t know where to begin. They start writing their book, receive one small criticism then give up because they don’t think they are talented enough.

But it doesn't have to be like that!

Don't you owe it to yourself to fulfill your deepest dreams? Having your very own published book is something no one can ever take away from you. And when you go on to sell thousands of copies you’ll enjoy financial freedom – getting paid over and over again for a book you only had to write once!

I now live in southern Spain and I enjoy the sunshine for eight months a year. But I wouldn't have a to-die-for lifestyle if not for my writing and publishing business.

If you are interested in a way of making your writing dreams a reality then read on… 

The Write Your Book Now Masterclass offers you the likely prospect of becoming a reputable author, with the chance to also build your very own profit-pumping book business that you learn as I walk you through 26-weeks of online training. There are no hidden catches in this information that will whisk you from an amateur writer all the way to a professional author.

The Write Your Book Now Masterclass Is Split Into Several Topics In Order For You To Write Your Book And Get It Published As Soon As Possible Including:

 The Complete Writer's Toolbox So You Can Write Your Book Correctly The First Time....Forget Time-Consuming Rewrites.

 How To Edit Your Work - There's A Certain Method That All The Best-Selling Authors Employ - Now You Can Too!

 The Secrets Of Submitting Your Manuscript So That Agents And Publishers Will Be Fighting Over It.

Publishing Or Self Publishing? Which Works Best For You? Decide Alter Learning All The Pros Of Both!

 Tried And Tested Formulas To Market Your Book And Sell It By The Thousand...

All Authors Who Have Taken This Course Are Encouraged To Share Their Success Stories With Other Writers And Receive Free Publicity To Help Them To Sell Even More Books...
Lessons Are Delivered To Your Email Inbox Every Week For 26 Weeks As PDF Files, Or Mini Ebooks. 
Learn The Secrets Of The Book Business And The Way The Publishing Arena Has Changed In Recent Years. Perhaps More Importantly, Also Learn How The Book Publishing Industry Will Continue Changing In The Future. 

I have priced The Write Your Book Now Masterclass so that it is affordable to the average person. I want everyone with ‘the dream’ to be able to write their book and get it published. I could charge thousands of dollars for this information – and I often do – but I wanted to make it easily accessible to everyone.

I am offering you a solution to writing your book at a truly amazing price….a subscription to The Write Your Book Now Masterclass is just $47 a month!

Plus if you do not feel like The Write Your Book Now Masterclass is for you then you can cancel your subscription at any time with no hard feelings.

But it gets better, because if you take action NOW then you can get the first month of the course (that’s four lessons) for just $1…that’s less than the cost of a cup of ask yourself, is your life dream worth half a cup of coffee? You decide! 

And if you're not entirely satisfied with the course, you only need to ask and you'll receive the full cost of the course back...guaranteed.

"This course went way beyond my expectations, delivering 110 percent. I can honestly say that the content of the weekly lessons surpassed the quality of any other writing course that I have ever taken.

"Since completing the course I decided to self-publish my cookery book, and through the tactics shared in the Write Your Book Now Masterclass I manage to sell more than 100 copies every month, bringing in a great flow of passive monthly income. 

"I've now made a start on my second book, which I'm sure will be an ever bigger success than the first...

"If you've ever thought about writing a book I'd encourage you to follow the Write Your Book Now Masterclass, and follow the steps one by one. Before long you'll be a published author too!"

Joan Copley, Florida


"Writing a book has always been a big goal of mine even though I'm not a naturally talented writer. I tried to learn how to write a book in many ways - I even signed up to a writing course here in Perth.

"But I still didn't find I was getting anywhere fast, and despite having lots of ideas I couldn't seem to get them down on paper.

"I discovered the Write Your Book Now Masterclass after searching for 'online writing courses'. It's the best step I've ever taken, and I'm now over half-way through writing my first book. I already know that I'm going to get it self-published, after all I deserve to make 100 percent of the profits!"

Jon Garcia, Perth

Sign up now and receive your first lesson for just $1!

YES PLEASE, I want to subscribe today and receive my weekly lessons on how to write my book, get it published and sell thousands through The Write Your Book Now Masterclass.

Please enroll me onto the Write Your Book Now Masterclass and begin sending me one lesson each week for 26 weeks. My initial charge will be $1. I will then be charged $47 per month for 5 months after the initial charge has been made.

I understand that if I act now I can lock in my subscription at an initial $1 rising after to $47 per month.

The Question Is How Much Would You Like The Chance To Hold Your Published Book In Your Hands?

To your writing success,

Keidi Keating, Your Book Angel


P.S. Do You Love Yourself Enough To Fulfill Your Life's Biggest Dream?

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